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Simple Slab Mold Lining

Slab mold lining doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. There is a simple no cutting, no measuring way to do it with freezer paper. Once you get the hang of it, you can get the lining down to about 3 mins a mold. When you’re making 10 molds worth of soap, anything that saves you time can come in handy. (This mold is from Cedar Mt. Crafts on Etsy)


Step one: Put your slab mold on a big flat surface. I use my kitchen table.

Step Two: Lay your freezer paper over the slab mold, shiny side down.

Use your thumb to make an indent of the inside ridge of the mold, until you see your shape.

Step Three: Move the mold, fold the paper sharply on the lines made by the shape. 

Following each line the length of the paper.

Step Four: Bring each corner together, making joined corner and then tape fold and tape down.

You will end up with a box type shape, don’t worry if it isn’t pretty. Just make sure you folded on the lines.

Step Five: Drop that box into your mold:

If you want you can cut off the excess length so it is a little prettier and easier to work with, not a requirement.

Step Six: Slit the paper corners down to the edge of the mold.

Step Seven: Fold the flaps over and tape down unto the sides
(Note: Make sure to push the paper all the way down into the mold and not lift up as you tape)

Step Eight: Take a credit/hard card and push the edges down into the mold for extra crisp edges.

Voila, easy peasy slab mold lining with freezer paper.