Suppliers I love


*No one on this list paid me for the endorsement or asked. These are honest recommendations based on my personal purchases 🙂 *


Cedar Mt. Crafts Etsy Shop: Ok, so I actually do love the owner of this shop…because everything here is made my hand by my favorite uncle. After years of woodworking and me hitting him up for soap molds, he opened Cedar Mt Crafts when he retired. His mold quality is spectacular, and he can custom make items as well. He also does display racks of all kinds; which are great for fairs. Check his shop out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/cedarmountaincrafts


Brambleberry: Ok, this one might seem obvious but I still think it is one of the best soap supply companies around. I learned how to make soap from watching Anne Marie’s cold process series and I still watch her soap queen videos. I buy ALL of my fragrance, essential oils, butters, additives and soap making oils here (sans olive oil). Fragrances are consistently great, the calculators rock and you can request a sample with your order if you want to smell it before buying it. They put a sample in each one over a certain amount anyway…sampling is how I found pumpkin soufflé and tobacco and bay leaf scents; both are to die for. They are based in WA and it takes about a week to get things to the east coast, but never having to worry about the quality of the products makes it worth it.

Another thing I adore about Brambleberry is the soap oils come in bulk or handy 7lb MICROWAVABLE (sings hallelujah) bags! No more lifting 50lb buckets of oils, unless you want to. The neat freak in me loves the bags, and they aren’t overly heavy if you have carpel tunnel like myself. My bag vs. bulk bucket cost analysis was 27cents more per bar to use the bags… I will take it. Try melting down 50lbs of palm oil in December just once and you would too. Check Brambleberry out at https://www.brambleberry.com/.


Essential Depot: I buy all my lye from Essential Depot and have never had any problems with it. It’s cheap and you can get great shipping rates on it. I can get 32lbs of lye http://www.essentialdepot.com/product/NAOH-32-FOOD_GRADE.html for $20.00 shipping. They are in FL and I am in NC so that may help. They sell lots of stuff but the only other thing I have tried from them is the gallon size bottles of coconut and palm oil, which suck in the microwave. The caps melt and aren’t tight when it’s a liquid and make a mess. Honestly, Brambleberry’s bags of oil are way better. The lye though, this is the best price I can find. Check them out at: http://www.essentialdepot.com/


Nurture Soap Supplies: Again, I only buy one thing from here but they have a ton of options. I get all my colors (Micas) at Nurture. I found them via soaping101.com and ordered their rainbow mica sample set. The sample sets make about 150 bars of soap and you get 6 colors for like $13…super duper affordable. These micas though are fabulous, with deep rich colors. Totally hooked! Check them out at https://nurturesoap.com/


Letterseals.com: I can’t say enough good things about letterseals. They can do custom seals, and are the only place to get mini seals. Mini seals save time and money, especially when you get up to 500+ bars for a fair. They are the only place I can find seal non-stick as well, which is a LIFESAVER for sealing. Love, love, LOVE me some Letterseals, check them out at http://www.letterseals.com/


Lazercuts Etsy Shop: Dude, if you need a soap stamp, go here! Quality is superb and the stamps are easy to clean and super durable. Check it out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Lasercutz


Whisker Graphics: You want twine in hundreds of colors…this is your place! They also have bags and buckets galore. I am now obsessed with bitty bags, they would be perfect for soap! Cuteness awaits at: http://www.whiskergraphics.com/


SKS Bottle: I get ALL my bottles here. I have requested a few one off samples and got them no problem, and they send tons of $10 off coupons in their newsletters. I tried a couple other bottle companies and for your everyday bottle needs they rock. I think they are in TX so pretty quick to both sides of the country shipping wise. They also have canning jars if you make jelly/jam/honey! Check them out at https://www.sks-bottle.com/


Couronne Co and Glass Now: If you need tiny and/or fancy schmancy bottles at a good price, this is your place. They have TONS of choices, especially in hard to find smaller 1-3oz sizes. You have to order before you get your shipping price. That is their only drawback, which kind of sucks but I have found it to be pretty reasonable, and since they carry items no one else does I can live with it. Check them out at: https://couronneco.com/ & https://www.glassnow.com/


Overnight Prints: You can get booklets (think wholesale catalogs! <<< I design those too>>>), business cards and more here ridiculously cheap and the quality is fantastic…blows vistaprint out of the water. Use them for all sorts of stuff and many of my fellow designers do as well. Check them out at: http://www.overnightprints.com/