Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to use the same fonts for my own creations you used in the logo, can you send them to me?

No, but I will send you the links of where to get them. Many are free for personal use and some are premium. I cannot distribute fonts to you directly because of licensing restrictions.

Do you make template files I can customize myself?

Sorry, no. I do not make templates of any kind.

Can you edit jpegs I have from another designer?

Nope, jpegs are flat files that cannot be edited in photoshop/illustrator. I am happy to refresh your look using those files as inspiration if you like.

I am unsure about my measurements?

If you are not confident about using a ruler (down to 1/16th” of an inch) you can mail me product (ex bar of soap for soap labels) and I will measure it for you and send your bar/item back to you after we are done.

ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR CURED SIZE FOR SOAP BARS!!!! Try as well not to be overly precise unless your bars are always consistently the same size. I give myself about an 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch leeway with my cigar bands because not all of my soaps are exactly the same.

If you have to change your approved final design size, once I have started there will be $50 change fee per label.

Please ensure the measurements you send me are the correct ones.

I need business cards, etc to match my new logo and/or labels, can you do that?

I can do any type of print design or digital design to compliment your new logo and/or labels…anything from business cards to banners and facebook ads.

What do you mean by my logo because it is too low resolution? 

If you got your “logo” image file off google images or you only have a .png or .jpg file; odds are it is going to be what is called 72dpi and may look blurry on printed items. With .jpg files ONLY white backgrounds can be used. The best files for logos are .eps and .pdf as these are usually hi-resolution 300dpi required for print. If you send me a low-res logo, I will only proceed with the design if you expressly confirm you are ok with the potential blurriness issues. Here is a great article explaining the difference between 72dpi and 300dpi http://www.vsellis.com/understanding-dpi-resolution-and-print-vs-web-images/

I print on 11”x17”/12”x 18” etc, can you layout my labels on that size instead of the 8.5” x 11”?

Sure, no problem. Just let me know! I can lay them out however you like.

I don’t want the weight of my product or some other item on my label, can you take it off?

Yes, but per FDA,CPSC, and FTC regulations, certain information must be included on your soap labels by law. Items such as Net Weight, Ingredients, Address, etc. I cannot make your font smaller than 1/16” of an inch per federal regulations. In some instances, supplementary documentation must accompany your products if it is too small to list all the information required. I highly encourage you to read Soap and Cosmetic Labeling by Marie Gale to determine what information you need on your labels. It is your responsibility/liability to provide me with copy/text for your labels that meets state and federal regulations. I do not write the text part, I simply add your provided text to the design from what you as the soaper provide me. Legal liability for missing information and/or incorrect information falls to you. I am selling you a visual design, not ensuring your information is up to federal/state standards. By purchasing designs from my shop you agree to these terms. This also goes for EU, Canada and the rest of the world. I do not know what information is required by your governments’ and it is your obligation to research and provide me with the correct information to include on your design.

If you choose to purposely omit a required/regulated item of information for whatever reason, that liability is on you. 

You made my labels/logo last year and my computer crashed, can I get those files again?

All files will be sent via dropbox. Your dropbox link will remain active for 6 months. PLEASE backup your files during this time. I may have your files longer than 6 months, but cannot guarantee it.

I have an idea of what I want, can you show me what you can do with my notes and then I will decide if I want to proceed?

Sorry, but no. I don’t work for free. If you would like a small “test” design, I will quote you a price based on time at a discounted rate and we can go from there. All payments must be made via etsy or paypal before any proofs will be sent.

Will I get a copyright release for custom design?

You betcha! I give a complete copyright release for logos and labels and any other custom work. You flat out own the design after the final payment is sent.

Do you do logos and labels and websites for things besides handmade soap?

Yes, with 13 years professional design experience, I have done my share of branding and packaging. I will usually do other types of designs upon request, especially for other handmade crafters.

Please contact me handmadesoapdesign@gmail.com if you have any questions not listed here.