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Do you know the measurements on a ruler?

Not everyone does, don’t feel bad. It occurs to me that most of us don’t use a ruler or a regular basis. For labels, I need to know the size you need down to a 16th of an inch, especially for cigar band type wrap around the bar labels.

Here is a typical US Standard Ruler with the marks denoted:


This handy guide is good for reference for flat items such as boxes and soap bars. What I usually do is, if I have a 3.5″ x 2.5 bar I make my sticker type label 1/2″ smaller than the bar so I have a bit showing, in this case it would be 3″x 2″. You can go a little smaller if you need but the label should be big enough to cover 60% of the surface area and big enough for the font to be easy to read.

For items like bottles and jars the best thing in the world you can buy a sewing measuring tape  at most stores for $2-3. If you don’t have one all you have to do is cut out a piece of paper and cut it down and hold it or scotch tape it to your bottle to find out your approximate size, then simply measure that piece of paper with a regular ruler.

Sometime in June 2016, I will make a video tutorial on how to cut up paper and find your measurements so stay tuned for that!

For all you lucky metric system users out there (aka non-yanks lol) the CM/MM marks are denoted below.

conversions_html_m25c116e2 (1)

I lived in England over close to a decade so am perfectly fine with metric measurements. It is so much easier 🙂 ! Just let me know if you prefer metrics in your initial email or purchase notes. I will also need to know what size paper you need designs laid out on, I will assume A4 unless other noted.


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